GetBeaned, a discord bot to moderate your discord servers

GetBeaned is the only bot you'll ever need to moderate your server. Why ? The primary feature is the AutoModerator. But wait, it's not like the Dyno or MEE6 automod, it's way more advanced and got less false-positives.

The automoderator works by calculating a multiplicator, that represent how likely a user is there to spam. Using multiple data points, such as the Discord Nitro status of the user, the account age and how long ago the user joined, GetBeaned is able to have a pretty good estimate of the spam-potential of an user.

After calculating the multiplicator, GetBeaned will then look at the specific message to determine if it could be considered as spam, using factors such as the presence of CAPS, swear words, failed @everyone pings, ...

Finally, by multiplying the multiplicator and the message score, GetBeaned apply actions corresponding to a specific total score.

Have you ever been on a server, and when trying to send a message quickly after another one, or just with a few CAPS letters, only to see it get removed by a too strict moderation bot, while, at the same time in another channel, a user is spamming mentions without getting banned ? Well, if you don't want that to happen on your server, GetBeaned is the solution!

A user that just joined and that try to post invite links should be treated as a spammer while a trusted user that has been there for a year shouldn't. And that's what the GetBeaned AutoModerator does.

You can configure GetBeaned on the webinterface, by logging in with discord. However, the defaults provided are quite good, and just enabling Thresholds and automod should get you started!

But, if you need, more than 60 configuration variables are available, so customising the bot shouldn't be a problem

  • Standard moderation commands (unban, note, warn, kick, softban, ban), that accept multiple users and reasons at the same time
  • Thresholds (if a user get X warns, he'll be automatically kicked, ...)
  • A custom purge messages command to remove off-topic bot commands for channels
  • No "fun", "games", "leveling" or spammy features. GetBeaned only does moderation, but it do it well!

Not a problem, we are here to help on the support server

Currently storing 117288 actions, for 155097 users on 7917 different servers. Over all the servers overseen by the bot, 638 have automod enabled (406 with AutoTriggers) and 359 have thresholds enabled. Convinced yet ? Invite the bot now!

Here is what it looks like with the latest actions recorded:

Warn #117443
On bom1000
Reason: Automatic action from automod. Warning user because score **3.45** >= 2.5
Moderator: AutoModerator
Server: pornucopia
Warn #1319
On deleted_user_bd9caccd453f
Reason: asking for likes on a YouTube fortnite channel
Moderator: canarduck
Server: DuckHunt 🦆
Kick #1286
On skizzleandahalf
Reason: Thresholds enforcing
Moderator: ThresholdsEnforcer
Server: DuckHunt 🦆
Kick #1143
On gavin.7718
Reason: Automatic action from automod. Kicking user because score **4.125** >= 3.5
Moderator: AutoModerator
Server: DuckHunt 🦆